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Density Fact Sheets:

The Density Fact Sheets are individual, two-page documents that present local examples of housing and neighborhoods in Minneapolis and St. Paul, the surrounding suburbs, and small towns. The housing examples range in density from seven dwelling units per acre, up to 110 dwelling units per acre (du/ac). Each one has aerial photographs, as well as a location map. Descriptions of the housing and site characteristics, in addition to census data--at the census tract and block levels--provide detailed information about each example. The Housing Density Scale posters summarizes the main points of the density sheets in one 18" by 72" poster.

Minneapolis and St. Paul

Small Towns


Download Facts Sheets for Outside of the Twin Cities Area

Housing Types Fact Sheets:

The Housing Types Fact Sheets are individual two-page documents that present a range of physical housing types, from single detached, to rowhouses, small apartments, and apartments over commercial. Each document presents a description of the type, its basic characteristics, variations, and common names. Also included are design considerations and examples from the Twin Cities and beyond.

Housing Types Series

Design Strategy Fact Sheets:

The Housing Design Issues Sheets are individual, two-page documents that present issues of concern when building multifamily housing at higher densities. The sheets list common concerns about ten issues and--again, using local examples--provide built design solutions.

Design Issues Series

Small Lot Residential Development Fact Sheets (1.17 MB)