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Housing is affordable if it doesn't cost too much. Some affordable housing is subsidized and some is market rate. The term affordable housing is not consistently defined and is, therefore, often misunderstood. HUD defines as affordable, housing costs that consume no more than 30 percent of a household's gross income. Other definitions of affordable housing take into account the local median income.


These 36 x 36 inch posters are suitable for printing on 11 x 17 inch paper. They illustrate good examples of affordable housing developments in a variety of locations.

PowerPoint Presentations

This slide show features affordable housing in the Twin Cities area. These developments were generally built with some sort of subsidy. Many of the places illustrated house mixed income populations.

Design Briefs

This design brief defines and articulates the need for affordable housing.

The Face of Affordable Housing, Part II examines efforts to develop and supply affordable housing, from financing to design. It includes a gallery of images of recently built affordable housing in the Twin Cities. Interested in using the census to find out about your neighborhood but not sure about where to start?


This one leaf flier explains who lives in affordable housing.