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The Lake Street project focused on an area between 11th and 15th Avenues on East Lake Street. Following a participatory planning process called the Lake Street Initiative, the Corridor Housing Initiative centered on design options for three sites. An innovation of the project was an interactive development exercise where residents created development options from building block models representing standard unit sizes. Development costs were calculated by a development consultant during the workshop helping people test if their ideas were viable. The Design Center created the building blocks and sketched options at the workshop.



  • Early 2003: Lake Street Initiative visioning
  • October 2003: PPNA selected for Corridor Initiative through RFP
  • January 2004: First meeting of Lake St. Corridor Initiative Steering Committee
  • April 2004: Developer and stakeholder focus groups
  • May 1, 2004: Development workshop
  • May-June 2004: Presentations to local neighborhood and business groups


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