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The Kingfield project focused on an area between 36th and 46th Streets on Nicollet Avenue. Corridor Housing Initiative events included a participatory display at the Kingfield Farmers Market and a development exercise at the Kingfield Festival and Ice-cream Social. A final workshop focused on design guidelines. The Design Center's work was extended to a Direct Design Assistance project that explored options for one site on Nicollet.



  • March 2004: Steering Committee for Kingfield corridor starts to meet.
  • June 2004: Interactive Display at Kingfield Farmers Market--over 200 people "vote" with dots
  • July 2004: Development workshop at Kingfield Festival
  • August 2004: Meeting with local business owners
  • September 2004: Guidelines workshop


Note: these are formatted as 24 inch by 36 inch posters, but they print nicely as 11inch by 17 inch handouts.