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The 38th and Chicago Corridor Housing Initiative project builds on the work of the 38th and Chicago Avenue Task Force. In early 2006 this task force completed a community development plan. The Corridor Housing Initiative is being coordinated with the next stage of this process, a small area plan.



  • August 2006: First Meeting- Small Area Plan Kick-Off
  • September 2006: Second Meeting- What Does the Neighborhood Want to Achieve Through Development?
  • October 2006: Block Exercise- Exploring Development Options: A Hands-on Learning Tool
  • November 2006: Fourth Meeting- Revitalizing 38th & Chicago: A panel conversation with developers, government representatives, and neighborhood leaders.


  • The summary of the block model development workshop.

Site A: 3721 to 3741 Chicago Avenue (1.53 MB)
Site B: 3800 to 3814 Chicago Avenue (1.50 MB)
Site C: 4010 to 4040 Bloomington Avenue (1.47 MB)

  • The 38th Street and Chicago Avenue Small Area Plan Public Forums Flyer

English Version (1.05 MB)
Spanish Version (1.05 MB)
Somalian Version (1.05 MB)