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The CHI community process consisted of four workshops, held on July 19, August 16,September 6 and September 20, 2007 at the Fridley Community Center. Approximately 50 community participants attended the workshops, aimed at strengthening their design and development literacy, articulate community values for future development, and assess likely development scenarios that could meet those values. The process involved a technical team of designers, developers, facilitators and city staff to inform and support participants as they explored ideas. Resulting from the process was an increased confidence by participants about possible development directions for the area, and strategies for getting there. The purpose of the CHI process was to identify a range of development options that met community goals and market viability, rather than landing on one specific development direction or product.



  • July 2007: Community Forum
  • Mid August 2007: Block Exercise
  • Late August 2007: Community Forum
  • September 2007: Drafted Recommendations